What is non-academic misconduct? 

The university takes non-academic disciplinary offences very seriously, and sets out the procedures for dealing with any such allegations in the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure and Non-Academic Misconduct Guidance.


As a member of the King’s community, you are expected to adhere to our regulations, procedures, and policies, to show respect for the persons within and for the property of the King’s community, and to behave in a way that does not interfere with the proper functioning or activities of the university.  


Where there is reason to believe that the behaviour of any student falls below the expected standards and/or where regulations, procedures, and/or policies have been broken, the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy will be instigated.


Important to know: 

  • The Non-Academic Misconduct Policy extends to alleged misconduct by a student occurring on or off King's premises (including via electronic means, such as email and social media) where the alleged victim is King’s itself, a member of the King’s community, or a visitor to King’s. 
  • Any criminal offence committed whilst on university premises or whilst engaged in university activities also falls within the university's definition of misconduct.


In all cases, a student will be presumed to be innocent, unless and until proven otherwise on the balance of probabilities. 


Bullying & harassment 

King’s College London is committed to providing and promoting a positive environment for all members of the King’s community, which is free from all forms of prejudice, discrimination, harassment and bullying. 

To find out more about reporting and getting support for incidences like this, please visit our Dignity & Inclusion category. 




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