What is academic misconduct? 

The university takes examination and assessment offences very seriously, and sets out the procedures for dealing with any such allegations in the King's Academic Manual, the Academic Misconduct Policy and the Academic Misconduct Procedures.

Academic Misconduct is the adoption of working methods that are outside the spirit of King's regulations and the values of academic integrity and any actions which interfere with the integrity and rigour of assessment undermine the University’s reputation and education standards.

The Academic Misconduct Policy provides extensive information on what constitutes academic misconduct and provides detailed guidance on the use of proofreading services and writing technologies like generative AI. Students are advised to spend time to familiarise themselves with the policy.



What happens with suspected misconduct? 



What is an Academic Integrity Meeting (AIM)? 



What are the possible outcomes under Stage One AIM?



What can I do if I am not happy with Stage One (AIM) outcome?



What happens in Stage Two of the Academic Misconduct Procedure?



Are there some key resources I can refer to for guidance?