Visa verification is a process completed every term by our Visa Compliance Service for continuing students who are based in the UK and subject to immigration control. This process ensures that we can hold up-to-date visa documents to prove your immigration status and ongoing right to study. 


Every term, we’ll invite you to submit your visa documents for checking through Microsoft Forms. This online platform is secure, and you can access it using your King’s login credentials. Visa verification helps the university to meet its obligations to UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) as a licenced sponsor under the student visa route. 


Important to know: If you’re a current international student, you must take part in your visa verification process to make sure your status is kept up to date.




What documents do I need for visa verification?




What happens if I don't take part in visa verification?




What's the deadline to submit my visa documents for checking?




What happens if my visa documents aren’t up to date?




Will I always need to submit my documents through Microsoft Forms?



Is Microsoft Forms a secure platform?




I need help with my visa verification/visa status