King's has determined that suitable space is available for students to book on an ad-hoc basis for private and group study. Rooms are available 24 hours in advance and can be booked between 9.00-18.00 via Resource Booker. Details on how to book a room are available on the article Where can I study on campus?
Important to know: The rooms are part of the central teaching space and may be booked for teaching and meetings. Bookings for societies and social events must follow the KCLSU room booking process and code of conduct.
Code of conduct
All members of the King’s community are expected to treat each other with respect and comply with the King’s Community Charter. The code of conduct should be read in conjunction with the Charter.

The general rules for room booking are: 
  • The person making the booking is responsible for sharing this code of conduct with other students who are using the space with them. Each student is expected to be respectful of the space and those using it, and to meet the standards expected of all members of the King’s community.
  • The person making the booking should ensure that the booked room is used or cancelled if the room is no longer required. Failure to do so may result in you being unable to make future bookings.
  • Registered students must present a valid student ID card or be issued a visitor's pass by security to access the building. Students must carry their student ID card or visitor’s pass whenever they are on campus and It must be presented whenever it is requested by a staff member (including security staff). Where the photograph is not clear, additional confirmation of identity may be required.
  • If a building closes at short notice due to emergency or staffing issues, you will have to make alternative arrangements for your booking.

To help maintain a safe, clean and tidy environment conducive to study, we ask that you:

  • Do not bring hot or smelly foods or alcohol into centrally bookable spaces
  • Leave the room promptly at the end of your booked session
  • Do not distribute or place any flyers, handbills, newspapers or literature within the centrally bookable spaces 
  • Ensure you reset the standard furniture layout afterwards so subsequent sessions are not disrupted
  • Take responsibility for all your belongings whilst in our spaces. We are not able to accept responsibility for any loss of items left unattended in any room
  • Do not leave anything of value unattended. Security staff may remove items left after the end of the booking.


Breach of the code of conduct


If your conduct falls below the expected standards of behaviour, this will be regarded as a breach of the room booking code of conduct. As a result, you can be asked to leave the room, and the matter can also be escalated to Student Conduct & Appeals in line with King's Non-Academic Misconduct Policy & Procedure.

Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to, those outlined in the Non-Academic Misconduct Guidance.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour which may be considered misconduct are:

  1. Offensive or abusive behaviour, such as the use of inappropriate language
  2. Damage to property, such as damaging equipment in the space or the space itself
  3. Unauthorised taking or use of property such as taking or misuse of computer equipment or misuse of the space.
  4. Causing a health and safety concern such as failure to follow fire safety procedures. This could include disabling fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment or smoking in the space.
  5. Operational obstruction such as interfering with the activities of King’s or interfering with the activities or duties of staff or other students. This could include disrupting or disturbing others in the use of the space or using the space inappropriately.
  6. Any activities which may or do damage the reputation of King’s