Any changes to your programme of study can impact your Student visa. You might need more time because of one of the following reasons:

  • you’re repeating all or some of an academic year
  • you’ve deferred all or some of your assessments to a later date
  • you’re completing a reassessment
  • you need to complete your postgraduate research studies.

You can only be sponsored for a Student visa if there’s a requirement for you to attend in-person teaching, supervision or assessments. If your visa is due to expire and you still have further study to complete, our Visa Compliance team will assess if this further study meets the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)’s rules for further Student visa sponsorship.

Alongside the attendance requirements, they’ll also review whether you can complete any additional study within your current visa expiry and if there will be any gaps between your periods of study where you may be considered a dormant student and therefore not be eligible for visa sponsorship. In some cases, you might be eligible to further visa sponsorship, but you’ll be required to leave the UK and make your visa application from your home country.

Important to know: if you’ve completed all aspects of your programme of study but you wish to stay in the UK to receive your results, this wouldn’t qualify you for further visa sponsorship. Unfortunately, you’ll need to leave the UK before your current visa expires and wait for your results online.

To find out if you’ll be eligible for further visa sponsorship to complete your studies and where you might need to apply for your visa, please use our interactive guide.

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