Travelling to ExCeL London

We strongly advise that you plan your journey to ExCeL London in advance and also plan an alternative route in case of disruption across transport services. You can check the TfL journey planner on the day of your assessment(s).
ExCeL London is located near several stations on the DLR, Elizabeth and Jubilee lines. You can find out more information about how to get to ExCeL London on their website.



I use a wheelchair, how can I get to ExCeL London?



I’m driving to ExCeL London, where can I park?


Accessibility and facilities at ExCeL London


I have a time adjustment as part of my PAA, where will I take my exam?



My assessment is not in a room on the ground floor, how will I access it?



Where are the accessible toilets located?



Where can I buy food or drinks?



If I wear my Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, will it be recognised there?



Can I bring my Guide or Assistance dog to the venue?



Where can I find more information about accessibility at ExCeL London?