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Preparing for online assessments if you have Personalised Assessment Arrangements

Will I receive additional time for online assessments?
If you are granted PAA, the format of the online exam you are taking will determine if additional time will be included for your assessment:

  • For online exams taken over a 24-hour period no additional time will be awarded. The expectation is that such assessments will take approximately the same length of time as a traditional exam, and thus the 24-hour time period allows for any extra time or rest breaks you would have taken in an invigilated exam on campus.

  • For online exams with a fixed duration (e.g. 2-3 hours), if your PAA includes additional time then this will be added. Additional time may also be included for online exam paper download and collation/upload periods.


Can I use my Coursework Coversheet for online assessments?
If you have a coursework coversheet as part of your PAA provisions then you should attach this to the first page of your document.



What arrangements are made for students with PAA? 

Below are some examples of arrangements that we grant for certain Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) and medical conditions at King’s. 


Important to know:

  • The majority of exams during 2020-21 will be held online and PAA will continue to be granted appropriately.
  • If you have an exam on campus and have been granted PAA, then you will sit your exam in a dedicated PAA room that will have social distancing measures in place.
  • If you have multiple conditions, then the arrangements listed below will not be combined. Instead, we will arrange for your PAA to reflect your individual situation and discrete combination of needs. 



  • 15 minutes extra time per hour


Anxiety, Depression (and similar conditions)       

  • 15 minutes additional time per hour to work or rest (as appropriate)



  • 15 minutes rest breaks per hour to test and treat blood sugar levels

  • Permitted to bring in food and drink

  • Permitted to bring in testing equipment


IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease (and similar conditions)

  • 15 minutes rest breaks to visit the toilet

  • To sit in a room with other students granted Personalised Assessment Arrangements 



  • 15 minutes rest breaks per hour

  • Ergonomic Chair (provided by the Exams Office)

  • Permitted to bring in a cushion


Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD's)

(Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia)  

  • 15 minutes extra time per hour

  • Coversheet

  • Use of a computer (as appropriate)

  • Permitted to bring own coloured overlay (as appropriate)


Visual Impairment   
Combinations of the following arrangements, as appropriate:

  • Extra time/and or rest break,

  • Enlarged Font

  • Scribe and/or reader,

  • Use of a computer


Important to know:

  • The information about your PAA is not shared with your department automatically. Therefore, if you have any in-course assessments, we advise that you contact your faculty/department to inform them of your approved arrangements.

  • It is your faculty department’s responsibility to make sure that arrangements are in place for any in-course assessments that you may have.



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