Important to know:  Key information for your exams
  • When choosing your arrival station for ExCel London please aware that Custom House station is a 15 minute walk to the venue. Where possible, we recommend using Prince Regent station.
  • We recommend always referring to Google maps or Citymapper when planning your route to help you arrive for your exam on time.
  • Look our for disruption to tube or train services on the route to your exam venue. Disruption can be caused by a technical issue or strike action. You can follow these by checking:
  • Please read our article Support when registering for your exams & accessing your exam timetable for further guidance on:   
    • Registering for your exams   
    • Accessing your exam timetable on KCL My Timetable  
    • Finding your candidate number  & seating arrangements (including students who have been approved for Personalised Assessment Arrangements) 
Travelling to ExCeL London

ExCeL London is a large, multifunctional exhibition and convention centre that hosts a wide variety of events and meetings.  As you prepare to travel to ExCeL, please be aware of the other events that may be taking place in other areas of the venue.
There are a range of resources you can use to find the venue and plan your route, including ExCeL London, Google mapsCitymapper and Transport for London.
On the day of the exam, you have 2 options for stations:

Important to know: It is a 15 minute walk from Custom House station to the venue, so we recommend that you plan your time to ensure you are able to arrive on time for your exam. We would recommend using Prince Regent station if you can, for a shorter walk

The full address is: ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London, E16 1XL.
Arriving at ExCeL

What identification do I need to enter the exam venue & exam hall?


I’ve lost my Student ID, what other form of ID can I use?


What should I do with my personal belongings?


When will I be told my seat number?



During your exam 
Behaviour expectations during your exam
When can I start my exam?

Can I ask questions during my exam?


Can I go to the toilet during my exam?


Can I leave an exam early?



Support with your candidate number and or exam registration on the day of your exam  

It’s the day of my exam & I don't have a candidate number


I’m unregistered for my exam/my name doesn’t appear on the exam seating plan


I am unable to attend my in-person exam due to mitigating circumstances
I am unable to attend my in-person exam, what can I do?


After your exam 

What happens at the end of an exam?


What should I do if I've left my student ID card/ other property in the exam hall?


When will my exam results be available?