Before you can enrol at King's, you first need to set up your IT account. This will enable you to complete the online enrolment task.


How do I set up my IT account?

  1. You will receive an email containing details of your new King’s account, a few weeks before you join us at King’s. This email will contain your King’s username, also known as a ‘K number’ which starts with a K, followed by 7 or 8 numbers.
  2. Once you receive this email, you’ll then need to register your King’s username using a computer with internet access, and set a new password before it can be used for the first time.
  3. Follow all the steps via the link above to fully register your account


Our article Accessing your IT account at King's includes further guidance on accessing your IT account and the software you'll need throughout your studies.  


Important to know:

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