Studying in London is a unique experience compared to other universities. Whilst the capital offers an unrivalled amount of things to see and do, it can at first be challenge. Although there are a few discount options available to help reduce costs, understanding which one is best and most suitable can in itself be a confusing process.

Most students are aware of the 18+ Student Oyster Photocard, but there are also other, lesser known discount railcards. So, which one is the best? The simple answer is that it depends entirely on you - how frequently you use the transport network, and during which times.

Important to know: If you’re travelling on public transport in London, check the Transport for London (TfL) to see which services are running, plus you can sign up for email updates from TfL.



What is the 18+ Student Oyster card and how can I get one?



What is the 16+ Student Oyster card and can I get one?



What is the National Rail 16-25 Railcard and can I get one?



What is the National Rail 26-30 Railcard and can I get one?



Comparing the 18+ Student Oyster card and 16-25 Railcard: which student travel card is right for me?



Additional support for students with disabilities  


Working out what you need step-by-step



Step 1: Make sure you're using either an Oyster or Contactless Card



Step 2: How much are you using transport and when?



Step 3: Apply for the discount cards


Important to know:

  • Buses are almost always cheaper than the tube and the Hopper Fare gives you unlimited journeys, made within 1 hour of touching in.

  • Remember to tap in and tap out at all stations even if there are no barriers. Forgetting to tap both in and out on the tube will lead to a penalty fare.

  • King’s Student Funding Office confirm student attendance to TfL for applications to be approved. September and October are very busy periods as many students apply for the 18+ Oyster card, so bear in mind you may need to wait; please allow at least 3 weeks for processing.



How can I travel around London on a budget?


The Money Mentors have also put together some tips in their blog Getting around London: practical tips.

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