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How does King's support student mental health?
In January 2018, King's began a university-wide project bringing together staff and students to explore areas of university life where we could drive the biggest improvements in our support for student mental health and wellbeing.

Our Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Report and Strategic Plan was produced as a result of this hard work across the university. Students and staff worked together to explore what King's already does - and where we can do more - to support student mental health and wellbeing. The report sets out how we will continue to promote an environment that supports our students in times of challenge and helps everyone to thrive.

How is King's raising staff awareness of mental health?
King's staff have access to three Mental Health Awareness courses; certain departments might also offer their own bespoke training (e.g. wardens who work in Residences). Each awareness course is designed to give staff a greater understanding of mental health, challenging stigma and a basic knowledge of some common mental health issues.

Upon successful completion of the half-day, one day or two day course, staff will either become a Higher Education Mental Health First Aid Champion or a fully trained Mental Health First Aider. 



A trained Mental Health First Aider can support students by:



A Higher Education Mental Health First Aid Champion can support students by: 


How can I improve my awareness of suicide and improve its prevention?
You don’t need to be an expert to show empathy, listen and support those who are going through a tough period in their lives. Starting a conversation with someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts can be helpful and, in some cases, life changing. There are a range of resources and training courses that can help you to develop a greater awareness about suicide, and to support you to have conversations about suicide with your loved ones.


Suicide Awareness training



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