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Introduction to counselling
Counselling offers a safe, confidential and supportive space to help you explore your problems. It can allow you to share and gain insight into your feelings, thoughts and behaviour.
The counsellor is there to help you identify and understand more clearly what is bothering you. The counsellor can help you to gain a different perspective on yourself or your problems and aid you in making choices and changes that feel right for you.
You can talk with a counsellor about anything that is worrying you and disrupting your work, study or personal life. You might be experiencing anxiety, bereavement, depression, family issues, sexuality, stress, difficulties in concentrating, and more. Your concern may not fall into these categories but if it is causing you distress or difficulty, you are welcome to come and talk to a counsellor. Often students are not sure why they are coming when they first arrive, they just know that things are not okay for them.
This is a free and confidential service.
Please ready this article for full information about how the service can help you. Full details on registering with the service can be found in Registering with the Counselling & Mental Health Support Service.



Introducing Counselling & Mental Health Support at King's



What is Mental Health Advice?


Issues we can help you with



What are the common issues brought to King's Counsellors and what support is available?



What if I have a long-term mental health condition?


How we can support you



How many sessions and what type of counselling support is offered?



What groups & workshops do the Counselling & Mental Health Support Service run?



King's Counselling Online (KCO)


Additional & focused support



What mental health support can I access at King’s if I am a healthcare student?



Is there any out-of-hours counselling support?


Registering for the service
For details on how to register for this service, please read our article Registering with the Counselling & Mental Health Support Service.
If this doesn't sound like what you're looking for, check out our article Managing your mental health & wellbeing.