The pace of student life does not always come easily to everyone and most students have feelings of homesickness or isolation from time to time. The important thing is to not to dwell on this and instead, seek out ways in which you can become more involved. This may be through your faculty or department, KCLSU Sports ClubsSocieties or Volunteering, or getting a part-time job.

If you are finding everything a little daunting, you could connect with KCLSU and talk things through with the Campus Conversations team and check out KCLSU’s wellbeing events.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, you could also try our Counselling & Mental Health Support Service or contact a Faculty Wellbeing Advisor.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with anything else, such as your money and finances, housing/living situation, or concerns about your visa status, contact the Advice & Guidance Team.

If you’re from outside the UK, or have lived for many years overseas, you may find it particularly difficult to adjust to student life. If this is you, we recommend visiting our Student life category for a range of articles covering topics such as personal tutoring, the students’ union, community events and activities, and life in London.

For an overview on King’s community support, check out Community & extra-curricular activities.
You also may wish to seek pastoral support from the King’s Chaplaincy.

Mature student?
If you are a mature student you will find our Mature Students information of interest. 
You may also find our article Support & guidance for mature students helpful.

Parent or carer?
We have guidance, advice and resources you can refer to:




I am not sure my course is the right one for me



I am having financial difficulties



Personal or family problems are making it difficult to study


Wellbeing support for adjusting to student life
There is also support external to King’s which can help you with your mental health and wellbeing when adjusting to being a student and university life.



Student Minds



Charlie Waller



Student Space