Our Housing Advisers are also here to help you and can review a document. We advise that you email Housing Advice with any proposed contracts so an Adviser can review the document. 
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We also recommend learning more about contracts in our module Signing a Private Housing Contract, Next Steps.
What is a housing contract?
The contract is a document that you sign when you start a tenancy agreement and it is legally binding. Therefore, it is important that you read it carefully and understand your rights and responsibilities.

Both King’s College London and the University of London Housing Service provide free contract-checking services, so it is always a good idea to speak to an adviser if you are unsure.
If you are renting from a private landlord, the most common types of tenancy are:
  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy 
  • Licence Agreement (living with your landlord or private student halls)
It's sometimes possible to have a different type of tenancy than the one stated on your agreement. The reality of the living situation determines the type of tenancy you have, not just what is written at the top of your contract. If you are unsure, contact Housing Advice.

You can also refer to the Shelter Tenancy Checker.
Common types of contract for students

Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs)





Common terms to be aware of in contracts

Joint Tenancy



Individual Tenancy



Right to Rent Check



Tenant Fees



Break Clause



Implied Terms