Most undergraduate courses finish in spring in May/June, and most postgraduate taught courses finish at the end of September.

It often takes time for results to be released after you have completed all your assessments, which means you can finish your course and still be awaiting results.

During this time, it’s likely you will need to prove completion of your course, but this can be difficult if your results haven’t yet been finalised.

Student Services can provide a letter called a ‘Pre-Award Letter’ which includes:

  • Your course title
  • Your course start and end dates
  • Your expected award date

This document will enable you to prove to prospective employers or other organisations or institutions that you have completed your course and are awaiting confirmation of your module results and final award.

To request this, please submit a document request.

Already have some module results?
If you already have some ratified results for previous years of your course, or for earlier semesters, while you’re waiting for your final results and award to come through, in addition to the letter described above, you can also still access your Record of Agreed Results letter instantly.

Important to know: We are unable to provide documents with provisional or unratified results.

If you’re keen to know how long you’ll need to wait for your results, please see our article When will my exam results be available?


I’m looking for a GPA conversion for my results

If you’re a King’s graduate or a current student approaching the end of your studies, and you are applying to institutions overseas that require a GPA for your degree, you’ll need to use an external service provider to calculate this conversion – unfortunately King’s can’t provide this for you.

UK ENIC is one organisation that provides this service, as does WES, which focuses on the US and Canada. To be sure however, we advise checking with the institution are you applying to about conversion resources, since they may have particular organisations they use to verify conversions or equivalences.