If you have completed your studies and you need to get a letter to prove this along with your final award to someone – such as an employer, a funder, or another institution for further study, you can download this letter from your student record.

You don’t need to wait for your graduation ceremony to prove you’ve graduated. You can prove that you’ve completed your studies and been awarded as soon as your award has been confirmed.


Key things to know about your results:

  • King’s is unable to provide confirmation of your results before your relevant Board of Examiners has met and the results have been ratified.
  • King’s does not issue “provisional” or “unofficial” results. The only results you receive will be confirmed and ratified.
  • Please avoid contacting the university or your department asking to be told your results over the telephone because data protection restrictions don’t allow staff to disclose your results in this way. Please rest assured that when your results are available, you will receive these over email.



I need a simple one-page document proving I’ve completed my studies



I need more detailed information on a document



I need to prove my degree in another country



I’ve finished my studies but I’m still awaiting my results


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