Once you’ve completed your course and been awarded, you will naturally want to prove this to others and it’s likely you’ll need to – such as for applications for jobs or further study.

You don’t need to wait for your graduation ceremony to prove you’ve graduated. You can prove that you’ve graduated as soon as your award has been confirmed.

Important to know: Due to the pandemic and remote working, we are currently not able to issue any documents in hard copy.

Instead, we can offer the following alternatives:

  1. Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR): If you are an undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate taught (PGT) student, once you have been awarded your degree your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will be updated and completed. You can share this with prospective employers, other institutions for further study, or any other organisation or agency. This document has lots of information about your studies and is the best way to prove and share your results.
  2. Record of Agreed Results: If you are a UG or PGT student, this document will show your ratified results for your completed modules so far in your course and shows King’s and ECTS credits. This document is available for you to access on the Gradintelligence website. Find out more about your Record of Agreed Results letter and how to access it.
  3. Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD): This is an online verification service for employers and agencies to verify the qualifications of King’s graduates. This service will only confirm your degree once you have been awarded and is designed for third parties, rather than for checking for yourself. A prospective employer or other third party will need certain details from you and your permission to access this. Find out more in our article on HEDD. 
  • Important to know: All third party enquiries which we receive directly, asking to verify a qualification for a graduate from King’s, will be referred to HEDD.
  1. Award Letter: This is a one-page document confirming your overall degree award, issued on headed paper with a digital stamp. This option is primarily for postgraduate research (PGR) students, who are not eligible to receive the HEAR. This letter will be emailed to you and password-protected to ensure security. To request this letter please submit a request form.
Important to know:
  • This is the best document for awarded postgraduate research (PGR) students.
  • If you are an awarded undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate taught (PGT) student and find yourself unable to use your HEAR or HEDD, you can use the request form to request this letter. However, please provide details of the difficulties you are having when making your request; if we can understand the issue you're facing, we'll be better placed to help you.
  • Award letters are produced manually and only issued electronically. This means that if there is very high demand for these, it may take us longer to fulfil your request than the standard 5-working days. Please provide as much detail as possible about your needs and allow plenty of time before any deadlines when making your request.

Not a recent graduate?
If you are King’s alumni and graduated a year or more ago, please see our article I’m King’s alumni and I need to prove my degree for information more aligned to your needs.