Exam results and final degree classifications will be made available on Student Records as soon as possible after the Faculty Assessment Boards have met to finalise and ratify results.

The usual release dates are:

  • For Period 1 (January) assessments, March-April
  • For Period 2 (May) assessments, during July
  • For Period 3 (August) assessments, late August-September


Additional information for postgraduate taught students

Most postgraduate taught (PGT) courses run from September to September. As such, the Faculty Assessment Boards for these courses meet between October and December, after the official end date of the course.

Some departments will release some module results before the official end of your course, and some departments will wait until after your course end date. In all cases, you should not expect to receive your degree award until after the official end of your course.


If you are awaiting the results of an online exam:

Notification that your online exam results will be emailed to you by the Assessments & Records Centre, along with information on your progression and details of any resits granted to you.

Important to know: The university is unable to provide confirmation of your results before the School Board of Examiners has met and the results have been ratified.