We understand that life is full of changes, and one such change might be updating your name on your student record. It's essential that your university records accurately reflect your official documents, such as your passport, national ID card, or BRP, but the way you’re addressed on a day-to-day basis can easily be changed.


Understanding your name on record

Here at King's, we follow the British naming convention, presenting names as:

First name, Middle name(s), Surname

For example, 'John Paul Smith' would appear as 'John Paul Smith' in our records.

You'll find spaces for:

  • First name: The name you are commonly called.
  • Middle name: Included in your full name on official documents.
  • Surname: Your family or last name.
  • 'Known as': Your preferred way of being addressed.

Why is it important?

Your name on record is what will appear on your degree certificate, transcript, and other official documents. Having your full name ensures your academic achievements are accurately recorded against your official identity documentation.


Requesting a change in your student record



Updating your 'Known as' name



Formal name change process



I've requested a name change but something isn't showing correctly



Transitioning to a new gender identity



Students on a visa



Post-graduation name changes


Examples of use of 'Known as' and your legal name

Important to know: These lists are representative, not exhaustive.



Uses of your 'Known as' name



Uses of your legal name


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