Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, King’s College London, in-line with guidance from the UK Government, are taking preventative measures to protect the King's Community. We have therefore, closed all of our services desks as a result. 

This means that for the time being, we are unable to produce any student ID cards. In light of this, we ask that if you need a replacement ID card, that you visit us at our service desks on campus, once we have re-opened.

You can get the latest updates on when our desks will re-open by following us on twitter.


Student Services can produce replacement ID cards for all current students at any one of our desks (it does not matter if you do not study at that campus).

There are a number of reasons why you might need a replacement, which we have listed below. If you are unsure, then feel free to contact us.

Important to know:

  • If you lose your card, it is important to report this immediately so that it can be deactivated. You can do this with Student Services or Security.
  • You must collect your new card in person and bring an alternative form of photo ID to ensure we are supplying your card to the right person. If you have any issues, please do contact us.
  • Your new card will give you automatic access to all King’s College libraries and most computer rooms. 
  • If you're staying in a King's residence and access that residence with your ID, this will automatically transfer to the new card.
  • If you have previously been given access to restricted areas, such as labs or offices that you access by swiping your card, then you will need to return to the security office in that building to have this encoded on to the new card. In most cases, you will not need clearance forms to do so.

Replacement policy

  • Lost - unfortunately there is a £10 charge to replace a lost card. You need to follow the instructions below to purchase your replacement from the Estore (we cannot accept any other form of payment).
  • Stolen - we can issue a new card free of charge (and ensure that the previous card is deactivated). Please supply a crime reference number (UK) or some other evidence of the crime being reported, otherwise you might be liable to pay the standard £10 fee. If the crime took place in London, you can report it online
  • Damaged - we will issue you with a new card free of charge provided that there is no evidence that you have neglected to look after it. You must produce your old ID card to get a free replacement, otherwise a £10 charge will be made.
  • Faulty - we will issue you with a replacement card free of charge if the card is deemed to be faulty (as confirmed by our card machine reader). You must produce your old ID card to get a free replacement, otherwise a £10 charge will be made.
  • Change in your details - we will issue you with a replacement card free of charge. You will need to ensure you or your academic department have informed your campus records office regarding any change of information (name/course/end date) before you request a new or replacement card. You must produce your old ID card to get a free replacement, otherwise a £10 charge will be made.
  • King's Maths School - we will issue you with a replacement card free of charge. Simply visit a Student Services desk to have your replacement ID issued to you. It will help if you can provide us with some form of photo ID, such as a passport or provisional drivers licence, so that we can confirm your identity before issuing it.

Using the Estore

If you have read the policy above and have to purchase a replacement, then you will need to make your purchase via the Estore (we cannot accept any other form of payment). To make the purchase:

  1. Navigate to estore.kcl.ac.uk
  2. Click “Replacement ID cards” & select “Add to Basket”
  3. Type in your student number (remember this is your ID number, not your K number)
  4. Select “Next” & “Proceed to Checkout” (first time users need to register). Once logged in you will be taken to a payment page 
  5. Once the payment is completed & authorised your purchase will be confirmed automatically via the Estore by email. 
  6. At this point you are free to visit any Student Services desk across the campuses to have your ID printed. It only takes a matter of moments to print! (It doesn't matter if you do not study at that campus.)
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