Important things to know about your ID card

  • If you lose your card, it is important to report this immediately so that it can be deactivated. You can do this with Student Services or Security.
  • Your new card will give you automatic access to all King’s libraries and most computer rooms. 
  • If you're staying in a King's residence and access that residence with your ID, this will automatically transfer to the new card.
  • If you have previously been given access to restricted areas, such as labs or offices that you access by swiping your card, then you will need to return to the security office in that building to have this encoded onto the new card. In most cases, you will not need clearance forms to do so.
  • You can replace your ID card free of charge if there has been a change to your programme or personal details, or if your ID card has been stolen. If your ID card has been stolen, you will be asked to provide a crime reference number.
  • If you have lost your ID card, the first replacement is free of charge. If you lose your ID card again, you will need to pay a £10 replacement fee online via the King’s eStore before collecting your card.



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