If you believe that the amount on your invoice is incorrect, it could be for one of these reasons:

I have changed my programme of study or my mode of attendance
If you have changed your programme of study or mode of attendance since 8 October 2020 and have received confirmation of this, your invoice for the original programme should have been cancelled and a new invoice raised.

Important to know: Your mode of attendance refers to your status as a full-time or part-time student. If you’re considering changing this, please read Can I change my status to study part-time/full-time?

If you have not received a revised invoice within 5 working days of confirmation of this change to your registration, please email the Credit Control team.

I am resitting modules or repeating part of the previous year of study
If you are resitting with attendance or repeating part of your previous year of study, you should be invoiced a reduced amount based on the number of credits you are taking this year.  If the amount of your invoice appears to be incorrect for the modules you are taking, please contact the relevant Record Centre using the contact list below.

I’m on a placement year or studying abroad
If you are taking a placement year or a period of study abroad, you should be invoiced a reduced amount to the standard year’s fee.

If you have been invoiced a reduced fee but you are not taking a placement year or study abroad this year, you are liable for the full year’s fee and you must notify us of this as soon as possible to ensure that your revised invoice is raised in a timely manner for the full fee for this year.
Please contact your Record Centre using the contact list below.

If you have been invoiced the full year’s fee but are on a placement year or period of study abroad, please notify us as soon as possible to enable us to raise a revised invoice for the reduced fee. Please contact your Record Centre using the contact list below.
I’ve changed my registration; I’ve transferred, withdrawn or interrupted
If you have applied for a Change of Registration and your invoice has been generated, please be assured that this will be adjusted as soon as the Change of Registration has been fully processed. If your change results in a different or reduced fee, the original invoice will be cancelled and a revised invoice sent to you.

Details of how your revised fee would be calculated can be found at Withdrawals and Interruptions.

I believe my fee status is incorrect
During the admissions process, students are assigned either a Home or Overseas fee status which reflects the different levels of tuition fees for our programmes. If you believe that your fee status is incorrect, you need to apply for a Fee Status Review. Details on who is eligible and how to apply can be found under 'Fee status assessment' on the relevant webpage:

For further guidance refer to I have a question about my fee status.

How can I contact my record centre?

If you have a query or need to notify your record centre of a change, please use the following contact details. 

  • If you studied within the Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care, please submit an enquiry through by email. This enquiry will go through to your faculty records centre.
  • If you studied in any other faculty, please contact Student Records.