Why might have my application to study at King’s been unsuccessful? 

Admission to a large majority of King's courses is highly competitive, and this means that unfortunately a large number of applicants, even those who meet or exceed the minimum entry requirements for consideration, will regrettably be unsuccessful each year. 


Am I eligible to submit an appeal?  

As stated within the Admissions Appeal Procedure this appeal procedure is only available to applicants whose application for admission to a programme of study is rejected by the university.


You will not be eligible to submit an appeal:  

  • If you accept a conditional offer of admission, but subsequently fail to meet the condition(s) of the offer. 
  • If you wish to appeal the decisions of a third party. 
  • If you are seeking detailed feedback on an application. 
  • If you are seeking a reconsideration of the academic or professional judgement by Admissions Tutors or King's Admissions staff, other than those set out in 2.2. 
  • If you receive an offer of admission but subsequently decline that offer, or are deemed to have declined an offer by failure to respond by a set deadline or with the required deposit (if applicable). 
  • If your study has been terminated in accordance with the Academic Regulations



How do I submit a Stage 1 appeal? 




What happens once I submit my Stage 1 appeal?  




How do I submit a Stage 2 appeal?