The King's Student Wellbeing Survey is open now until Thursday 28 March 2024. Take the survey.



Student mental health and wellbeing is a strategic priority at King’s. We care deeply about your wellbeing and want to understand how you’re doing.  The King's Student Wellbeing Survey is our way of measuring your wellbeing and developing strategies and initiatives to best support you.  


The survey takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. As a thank you, we’ll give you a free hot drink credit for King’s Food, along with the chance to win a King’s hoodie. 


You’ll be asked a set of carefully selected questions related to your time at King's, your daily routines, quality of life, social connections, and general wellbeing.  We’ll use the data to gain a greater understanding of the overall wellbeing of students at King’s, measure the success of our current interventions and help develop further initiatives to support you. 


The survey is open and is running until Thursday 28 March 2024.


Take the survey.



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