King’s is a member of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. The scheme helps members of our community who have a hidden disability to access the support they need. 


Wearing the Sunflower lets people know that you have a hidden disability and might need extra help, understanding or time. Whether or not you choose to wear the Sunflower is completely up to you. 


The aim of the scheme is to raise awareness of hidden disabilities, helping to ensure our community is inclusive and welcoming.




Where can I learn more about hidden disabilities and the Sunflower scheme? 



Where can I get a Sunflower? 



What should I do if I see someone wearing a Sunflower Lanyard? 



Can I wear the Sunflower Lanyard instead of my King’s lanyard? 



Can I use my Sunflower lanyard outside King’s? 



Can I have an individualised card to put in my lanyard?