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What are Personalised Assessment Arrangements?

Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA) ensure all students are given an equal opportunity for assessment. If you have a diagnosed Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) or a medical condition that may affect your performance in written exams, you can apply for PAA.


How can Personal Assessment Arrangement (PAA) help me during an exam?

Students who are eligible for a Personal Assessment Arrangement can request for arrangements which can include: (but are not limited to)

  • Having additional time during an exam, which can be used to complete the exam or for rest breaks.  For rest breaks: 

    • Please bear in mind that any granted extra time/rest breaks are to be treated equally as all of the granted time will be added in full to the duration of your exam.

    • You are allowed to work and/or rest during the given time, and you can go to the toilet at any time during the exam.

  • Having a coursework coversheet or exam script sticker that informs the examiner of your specific learning disability

  • Using special tinted paper, also known as a coloured overlay, which can be used on top of the exam paper and can be helpful to students with Dyslexia. (You must provide your own coloured overlay if you are eligible to use this for your exams)

  • Using a computer or laptop (provided by the Examinations Team) to type up answers for a written exam.

  • Requesting for the text on your exam paper to be a larger than size 14; our standard font size.


You can see more examples of the PAA arrangements made at King's in our article What arrangements are generally made for students with Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)?


Preparing for online assessments if you have been granted PAA 

For guidance on how to prepare for online assessments if you have a PAA in place, please read our article How can I prepare for online assessments at King’s?


Important to know: 

  • Students who are eligible for a Personalised Assessment Arrangement can request other arrangements and are not limited to the examples above. This will depend on your condition and any supporting evidence you provide.

  • Please be advised that recommendations from an educational psychologist (for Specific Learning Difficulties) or a medical practitioner (for medical conditions), or any previous arrangements that an applicant have been granted at another institution, will not necessarily be granted by the Personalised Assessment Arrangement Committee (PAAC). They are just one of the factors taken into consideration by the PAAC when determining suitable arrangements that are fair and in line with all other arrangements made.

How can I apply for Personalised Assessment Arrangements? 

Our article Guidance for applying for Personalised Assessment Arrangement includes guidance on how to apply for PAA, what evidence you will need to provide during the application process and answers to common questions about the application process.


Can I apply for PAA if I have an accident close to my upcoming exam? 

You can apply for a Personal Assessment Arrangement if you sustain an accidental injury or short illness close to your upcoming exam. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified by email if it’s possible to accommodate your request.

Important to know: There is no guarantee that a request under these circumstances will be approved by the Personal Assessment Arrangement Committee.



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