As you prepare to take online assessments at King’s, we’ve put together some guidance that we hope is useful to you.
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Online assessments checklist

Before taking your assessments you should:

If you have issues accessing your personalised exam timetable you may need to sit your exam as an unregistered student; take a look at our article  I'm unregistered for my exam/I can't access my personalised exam timetable, what can I do?

  • Check your candidate number, which can also be found on Student Records.

  • Ensure you are able to access the platform that your exams are scheduled to take place (e.g. KEATS) a couple of weeks before your exam. If you are having issues with accessing the platform your exams are scheduled to take place, please contact your department/faculty as soon as possible. 

  • Ensure you have all the equipment you'll need to help you revise and take assessments. You should also take a look at your course handbook for guidance on more information on the equipment you'll need throughout your studies.

  • You should turn on the auto-save option on Microsoft Word or Pages, and the auto spell-checker. If you are using any assistive technology the day of your online exam, make sure you are familiar with how to use this (for example, MS Word read Aloud, speech to text).

Additional support for alternative online assessments
To help you prepare and take online assessments, there are a range of strategies and activities on the Revision and Exams section of King's Academic Skills for Learning (KASL) on KEATS.  
Take a look at the TeachLearnTech Student Site for more guidance on uploading assignments online.

Where should I take/study for my exams?
Whenever possible, you should ensure in advance that you have a quiet place for you to take your online exam, where you will not be disturbed by others. If you are in a shared environment, it may also be useful to let others know that you will be taking an online exam in advance.

You may also find noise cancelling headphones useful for blocking out external noise in shared spaces. You can also try to work at a different time to others if the timing of your online exam allows you to do so.
For some online exams, you may be able to download the questions on your phone so you can work offline/away from a computer as you think about and plan your answers.
Information on this will be confirmed by your department/faculty in the first instance. If you are having problems finding a quiet space, let your department/faculty know, as it may be possible to take an online exam on campus if no alternative arrangements can be made.
Preparing for online assessment arrangements if you have Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA) 

Will I receive additional time for online assessments?
The format of the online exam you are taking will determine if additional time will be included for your assessment:
  • For online exams taken over a 24-hour period no additional time will be awarded. The expectation is that such assessments will take approximately the same length of time as a traditional exam, and thus the 24-hour time period allows for any extra time or rest breaks you would have taken in an invigilated exam on campus.
  • For online exams with a fixed duration (e.g. 2-4 hours), if your PAA include additional time then this will be added. Additional time may also be included for online exam paper download and collation/upload periods.


Can I use my Coursework Coversheet for online assessments?
If you have a coursework coversheet as part of your PAA provisions then you should attach this to the first page of your document.
What can I expect during my online exam? 
We have a separate article What can I expect during my online exam? that explains what happens before, during and after online assessments.
Study spaces and informal learning spaces at Kings
We’ve introduced a variety of safely distanced study spaces across our libraries and student computer rooms (bookable in advance) and other informal learning spaces.
Additional IT support for completing assessments
If you need access to a laptop and Mifi stick, you can request to borrow IT equipment from King's.

If you are experiencing difficulties with accessing online learning and resources or issues with hardware, please contact the IT Service Desk. Please read our article What can I expect during my online exam? for guidance on contacting IT with technical issues with online exams. 


Looking after your wellbeing throughout the assessment period
Taking exams can be a stressful time during your studies. It’s important to take time out of your studies to look after your wellbeing and manage stress. You can de-stress from exams by getting involved in a wide range of fun online activities and events held by King's College London Students' Union (KCLSU) during the exam season, such as Take Time In.

Additional resources you may find useful: