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How can I apply for Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)
To apply for Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA):

  1. Submit an application, by logging into Student Records

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the heading 'PAA' from the homepage 

  3. Select the option  'Apply for or Review Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)’


Important to know: Our article What arrangements are generally made for students with Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)? includes examples of arrangements that are made for PAA. 


What evidence do I need to provide when applying for PAA? 

If you have a medical condition:
You'll need to provide a medical certificate or a letter from your GP/Consultant in support of your application. The medical letter must be printed on the official clinic/practice's letterhead and must be signed by your GP. 
The letter must include a diagnosis, and the length of which you have been afflicted by your medical condition. This is for us to ascertain whether your medical condition is of a permanent or temporary nature.

Important to know: 

  • If possible, we may ask your GP to detail how the medical condition would affect your performance in a written assessment. You may show a copy of this medical certificate to your GP as reference.
  • Please be aware that if you are a patient at King's Medical Centre, you are still required to submit a medical certificate.

If you have a Specific Learning Disability (SpLD's) 
You'll need to provide a full assessment report that has been written in accordance with the SpLD working group DfES Guidelines for Assessment in Higher Education. 


Can I use a Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ) short report from my school as evidence? 

School recommendations are not usually accepted for PAA, and might not be accepted as suitable evidence of your entitlement. If your examination deadline is approaching, we advise you to submit your application to the Examinations Team, though Student Records, including any supporting evidence that you have so far. If you are unsure if your supported evidence will be accepted, or if you need any advice on your application, please get in touch with Disability Support.

Important to know: You might be offered interim arrangements until Disability Support can advise you about getting up-to-date evidence.


Should I submit my application for PAA if I don't have the right supporting evidence to apply? 
If you are worried about missing the application deadline, we advise that you submit your application with any supporting evidence you have so far.

Important to know: If you are unsure if your evidence will be accepted, contact Disability Support who can review your supporting evidence, and advise you further.

If you are yet to register with Disability Support, please read our articles:


When should I apply for Personalised Assessment Arrangements?
Depending on when you are scheduled to sit an exam during the academic year, there is an application deadline for each examination period at King’s. You must submit your Personal Assessment Arrangement and any supporting evidence before the advertised date for each exam period below.

Period 1:  8 January – 14 January 2021
Application deadline: Friday 30 October 2020

Important to know: You must submit your application for PAA by 11:59 pm for Period 1.

Period 2:  4 May – 4 June 2021
Application deadline: Friday 19 February 2021

Period 3:  9 August – Friday 20 August 2021
Application deadline: Friday 9 July 2021


What happens if I miss the deadline to apply for a Personal Assessment Arrangement?
Due to the complex nature of each personal assessment arrangement and the volume of applications we receive, late applications cannot be considered.

Important to know:

  • If you submit an application after the deadline, it will be held on file and processed after the current exam period has passed.
  • If you feel you are unable to take exams without a personalised assessment arrangement, please get in touch with your department/faculty to discuss possible options.


I have an exam/assessment deadline held outside the main examination periods

For any examinations/assessments which are not during the main Examination Periods and are run by your course department, you must submit your completed application at least 3 weeks prior to the date of your first exam/assessment. These deadlines also apply to applications for a Coursework Coversheet/Exam Script Sticker.

In addition, you must state the date of your first exam/assessment on your application and email the Examinations team to let us know that you have submitted your application.



After you've applied for PAA 

Our article After you have applied for Personalised Assessment Arrangements has more information on what you can expect once you've submitted an application.