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If you're experiencing any difficulties with your timetable please refer to I’m having issues with my timetable as this may have solutions for you.

I am studying from a different country, and my online classes are very early or very late in the day
Classes are taught from within the UK timezone. If you have been allocated to classes at a time which is difficult to attend in your local timezone please speak to your department.

If I had seminars on a different day/time, my timetable would be improved. Can this adjusted?
The time and day of classes are determined by several factors, which include preventing clashes (not everyone will be on the same programme as you, so might have to attend lectures that you don’t), staff and room availability, and academic requirements. 

Your department might specify a minimum length of time between the lecture and seminar, for example, to allow for information to be absorbed and researched. With this in mind, you should always approach your department in the first instance to discuss changes to your timetable.


I have back-to-back classes, how can I get to my next session on time?
If you are moving between campuses, then you should have enough time built into your timetable to travel; please speak to your department if this is not the case.

If you are moving between classes on the same campus, then please bear in mind that you are likely to have classes back to back as teaching should end 5 minutes before the hour and begin 5 minutes after the hour. This should allow enough time for classes to change over.

If you are studying online, there should still be time to switch between classes. If you find you are struggling to have enough time to switch – please speak to your


I have some gaps between classes, can this be changed?
In the early part of a semester, we might be able to assign you to a different class. Your department will need to approve these requests first, so always start your enquiry with them. It might not be possible as the semester progresses, or if a class is already full. 

In some cases, your department will have dictated the allocations for pedagogic reasons.