This article will help you troubleshoot some difficulties you may be experiencing with your timetable:


When I click "View Timetable" nothing happens
Your timetable opens in a new window so check that pop-ups are not blocked on your browser.

The new timetable window will not open on mobile versions of web browsers, so it is best to use a desktop computer, laptop or use the timetable function on King's Mobile.

I'm new to King’s and my timetable is blank
You will only receive a personal timetable if you are taking modules in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities

  • King's Business School

  • Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN)

  • The Dickson Poon School of Law

  • Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences (NMS)

  • Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care

  • Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy (SSPP)

Course timetables can be accessed through KEATS for these faculties:

  • Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine

  • Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences

Important to know:

  • Please allow time for your modules to be registered; you can check Student Records online to ensure it is up to date.

  • Once this is done, please allow up to 2 working days for these classes to be shown on your personal timetable.

  • If after this time your timetable remains blank, please contact your faculty/department to check your registrations.

I'm a returning student, but my timetable is blank
If you are a returning student and your timetable is blank the most common explanation is that you are transferring programmes, or you are currently awaiting resit results.

Please allow time for these processes to complete, which should be within the first 2 weeks of September if you are returning at the start of the academic year, but might be longer depending on your circumstances. Your timetable will be visible once your progression has been confirmed.
If you are returning to Semester 2 in January, your timetable should be updated by early January.
If you have queries about this, or your timetable is not available when you expect it to be, please contact your home department.
In the meantime, you can view module timetables online.

My timetable is incomplete, some modules are not showing
There are 4 main reasons why your timetable might appear incomplete:

  • Enrolment: If you have not yet completed enrolment. Your enrolment is complete it might take up to 48 hours after this for your timetable to become available. To be sure you've completed your enrolment, please check our guidance:

  • Recent registration: If the missing classes are on a module you have recently registered for, please allow 2 working days for this to show on your personal timetable.

  • No personal timetable: You might be taking a module in a department that does not yet provide a personal timetable such as the Faculty of Life Science & Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry. You will need to use the platform where the department surfaces their timetables to view the module. Most commonly this will be on KEATS.

  • Clash: You might have a clash between 2 modules, which means we cannot allocate you to another class running at the same time. If this is the case, please contact your department to make an alternative module choice. You can view module timetables online for your department/faculty to see when classes are running.


I'm expecting an MS Teams link for my class but haven’t received it
Many departments are delivering live online classes such as tutorials via Teams, and if this is the case you will receive an invitation to the class via your student email. If you are expecting an invitation for a class but haven’t received one please speak to your department.
Important to know: If you are a student in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine you can access your Teams class links directly in KEATS.
I am using MyTimetable outside the UK and my class times are showing incorrectly
If you are viewing your timetable via MyTimetable outside the UK the display will continue to show class times at UK times.

To view your timetable in your local timezone download your timetable into your personal calendar using the ‘subscribe’ button on the top right hand side of the timetable display.