If you are currently on a break or an ‘interruption of studies’, you may wish to extend that break for any number of reasons.

When you started your interruption, you would have been given a timeframe for this to last.

1 Month prior to your planned return date, Registry Services will email you to your KCL email account to invite you to return from your interruption and re-enrol.

If you wish to extend your interruption, you can do this in one of the following ways:

  • Reply to the email from Registry 1 month before your planned return date, explaining your wish to extend and why. Registry will then liaise with your department.
  • Submit a new Change of Circumstances form through your student record registering your request for a further interruption.
  • Contact your department to discuss your situation further, and then your department will liaise with Registry Services.

Considerations when extending an interruption
If you feel extending your interruption is the best course of action for you, we do advise reading up on guidance around any implications of interrupting further.


Important to know: All cases we advise that you read all the available guidance, and get in touch with the Advice & Guidance team who specialise in a number of areas and who may be able to provide further support for you in your circumstances.

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