This article provides an overview of how each of our services can support you. You might also want to speak to your personal tutor about any issues that are affecting your studies. Learn more about the role of your personal tutor by reading our article Who is my personal tutor & what do they do?
We know that navigating the range of support on offer can sometimes seem confusing. To help you, we've organised our mental health and wellbeing support services into 5 different levels, in line with the King's model of student support:

Level 1: Student knowledge, self-care, and self-regulation



Level 2: Informal and student-led support​​​​



Level 3: General and pastoral support services 



Level 4: University specialist support services​​​​​



Level 5: External specialist support services 


More information about our services:

Student Services Frontline



Visa & International Advice



Money & Housing Advice



Counselling & Mental Health Support Service



Disability Support Service



Student Conduct & Appeals



Faculty Wellbeing Advice