Important to know: This information contains relevant considerations for all undergraduate students, but if you are studying on a Student visa you must consider the implications for your visa if you decide to interrupt. For this please read Visa implications of interrupting.


In this article we address your considerations before taking an interruption in your studies:


Key considerations when interrupting your studies



What happens with my fees and funding?



What will happen about my housing?



What happens with my Council Tax Exemption?



How are Welfare Benefits affected by my interruption?



Will I lose my Student Oyster card once I interrupt?



What services can I still access from King’s whilst interrupted?



How could taking a break affect my career?


Fees & funding when interrupting your studies



If I interrupt before the end of the academic year, will I still pay the full years’ tuition fees?



I am responsible for paying my own fees and have paid in advance. Can I expect a refund?



Student Finance paid my tuition fees direct to King’s - what if they have paid King’s too much?



Student Finance helped with my living costs too - will interrupting impact on maintenance support?



I thought that loans were only repayable once I graduated and earned over the £25,725 threshold?



I receive an NHS Bursary, will they also make a request for money back if I interrupt mid-year?



I have spent all my maintenance funding. What should I do if I cannot repay it all immediately?



I still have rent and bills to pay but I am too ill to work, how will I manage without student finance?