UK students are currently being targeted by scam callers asking for money to be paid over the phone. The scammers pretend to be members of King’s staff or from your bank and tell you your account has been compromised. The caller will try to persuade you to move your money into another account. We recommend updating your Student Finance password, ensuring that a unique, secure password is used and checking that your bank details in the system are correct. Please read this article for the latest information: King’s students being targeted in phone payment scam.

You may receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from an official body, government agency or an organisation you’re associated with, asking for your details. Even though many scammers increasingly use email and various digital means for scams, such phone calls are still common.

This article covers the usual types of fraudulent phone calls, or ‘vishing’, and how to spot them.



Phone call claiming to be from authorities outside the UK



Phone call claiming to be from the university



Phone call claiming to be from the UKVI asking for money



Phone call claiming to be from a government department about a tax or fine



Phone call claiming to be from your bank asking for information



Phone call claiming to have kidnapped a family member



Phone call claiming to have detected a fault with your laptop



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Support & information if you’re targeted by a scam or fraud