Your personal tutor can write a reference for you if they have access to the relevant information and you give them enough notice.

Good reference protocol:

  • Meet with your personal tutor regularly and build a professional relationship with them.
  • Ask your personal tutor if they are willing to be an academic reference on your CV.
  • Let your personal tutor know when you are applying for a job/award/course as soon as possible to check that they can still provide a reference within the necessary timescale. Asking for a reference with less than two weeks’ notice may mean that your tutor cannot provide one for you in time, so plan ahead and give as much notice as possible to your tutor.
  • Remember to send information such as your CV, job description or any other application criteria along with your reference request.

Important to know: 

  • Take a look at our personal tutoring webpages for more information on how your personal tutor can support you throughout your studies.