A transcript is a digital-only document showing your module results.
In this article we will address key questions about this document and present you with everything you need to know about obtaining a transcript from King’s.

In this article:


What is a transcript?
A transcript is an official document issued in digital form that includes the following:

  • Your full name
  • Course
  • Date of enrolment
  • Final award date (may be different from your course end date, which won’t appear)
  • Module marks for each academic year
  • Confirms the final award classification.
  • For MBBS and BDS students your transcript includes your overall stage/phase marks, including SSCs where applicable.
  • All transcripts are signed by the Director of Academic Services
  • A unique serial number

Important to know:

  • The transcript is issued only to students who have completed their course and been awarded. This means you’ve finished your final exams and you have received official confirmation that your award has been ratified by the university.
  • We are only able to offer the transcripts digitally
  • Once you have been awarded, you are considered a former and graduated student and alumni of King’s, and so it’s best to refer only to guidance for former students/graduates, because guidance and information for current students will no longer apply to you.
  • There are some courses for which we are unable to produce transcripts. To find out more about this and to check if this affects you, please see our article Are there any courses for which transcripts are not available?
  • There are some courses for which the standard digital transcript available on your Gradintel account may not be quite enough, for information about these courses please see article I need a specialised transcript for my course.

What is the difference between the Record of Agreed Results letter and the final transcript?
The Record of Agreed Results letter (ROAR) is intended to be an interim transcript aimed at current students. This helps you prove your module results as you progress through your course. You can access this document at any time from your Gradintel account.

If you are a current student and looking to obtain this document, please see our article 
I need to prove my module results so far.

There is one key point of difference between the documents:

The transcript is only available to completed and awarded students and intended to be used in partnership with your degree certificate. The ROAR is available at any time during your course as soon as you have some ratified results; this is perfect for tracking your ongoing progress.

Both documents:

  • Are available to you as digital documents on the Gradintel platform.
  • Are official documents issued by the university and only show ratified results.

Important to know: We are unable to produce any document showing ‘provisional’ results.

When will my transcript be available?
If you have recently completed your programme of study, you will need to ensure that all your module results have been ratified and final award has been conferred.

We recommend allowing between 2-4 days for your final transcript to be available on your Gradintel account, because it can take some time to process all your information from your student record onto your account. Usually, your transcript and HEAR will be released and ready at the same time.

Do I need the transcript to apply for study abroad during my course?
No; the best document for you to use is your Record of Agreed Results (ROAR) available on the Gradintel website. Here, your home institution will also be able to access your results.

For information about the ROAR please see our articles 
I need to prove my module results so far and I need to prove my module results and registrations for studying abroad.

I am a PhD student, can I get a transcript?
If you studied a research degree, a transcript is not possible because your results are not modular (as they are for taught courses). Examples of these types of degrees are: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) and Doctor of Medicine (MD).

If you need to prove your degree, you are best to use your degree certificate. Or, if you don’t have this yet, you can get a digital Confirmation of Award letter from Student Services, and we can also add in a statement confirming that a transcript for your course is not possible, if needed.

If you have just completed your research degree and would like more information about this, please see our article 
I need to prove I’ve graduated.

If you completed and graduated a year or more ago, you may find our article I’m King’s alumni and I need to prove my degree more helpful.

How will I know that I’ve been awarded?
Your result will be available on your student record.

Your results can take some time to be processed through on to your record, following the Assessment Sub Board’s decision. Since this is organised by faculty and department, the exact timings may vary depending on your department. However, as soon as your results have been ratified and your award released, this should be available on your record. You should also receive an email informing you.

Once your results have been ratified and released, you will be able to obtain documentation confirming this.

Important to know: 
If you are within the Nursing School or IoPPN there may be a slightly different process. If you are unsure, you’re best to contact your department directly.

How can I access my transcript?
All standard transcripts are available free, as digital documents through your Gradintel account.

If you’ve just graduated this year, or in previous years, your digital transcript will be on your Gradintel account alongside your HEAR and is accessed in the same way.

  1. Activate your account on gradintel.com using your King's email address.
  2. Your transcript may not be immediately available; the document is only released following the ratification and release of results at academic boards.
  3. Once your results have been released, log in to gradintel.com.
  4. Your transcript and HEAR should be released together; if they are available, they will be on your Gradintel homepage.

As soon as your transcript is available for you to view, you will receive an automated email to advise you that it is available on your Gradintel account.

For more information on using Gradintel please see our article Accessing my Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) on Gradintel.

What if I’ve never accessed my Gradintel account? How do I know if I have one?
Alumni since the 2012/13 academic year have a Gradintel account set up for them by King’s, and all this documentation will be available there, even if you haven’t accessed it before.

When accessing your account for the first time, go to ‘Login’ and use your King’s email address to log in. If you have any issues logging in, read our article I can’t log in to Gradintelligence for guidance. If you have further difficulties, or have lost access to your King’s email address, please contact the HEAR team and they reset this for you.

Important to know: Please do not seek to register on Gradintelligence through their ‘Sign up’ function. Your King’s Gradintel account is linked to your student record, and only King’s HEAR team can do this; your Gradintel account will appear blank if you register yourself.

If you graduated before 2012/3, you won’t automatically have a Gradintel account, but as long as your module results are held on our electronic student records, it should still be possible for us to produce a digital transcript for you. If this is you, please contact the HEAR team directly for support.

We recommend reading I’m King’s alumni and I need to prove my degree for more detail on how we can support you with obtaining documents, depending on when you studied at King’s.

MBBS & Dental graduates
Since transcripts for Medicine and Dentistry require greater detail, please log a case and we will support you. Please allow plenty of time when logging your request, since these specialist transcript requests will need to produced manually.

Important to know: There are some courses for which we are unable to produce transcripts. To find out more about this and to check if this affects you, please see our article Are there any courses for which transcripts are not available?
I’m looking for a GPA conversion for my results
If you’re a King’s graduate or a current student approaching the end of your studies, and you are applying to institutions overseas that require a GPA for your degree, you’ll need to use an external service provider to calculate this conversion – unfortunately King’s can’t provide this for you.

NARIC is one organisation that provides this service, as does WES, which focuses on the US and Canada. To be sure however, we advise checking with the institution are you applying to about conversion resources, since they may have particular organisations they use to verify conversions or equivalences.