This article has our key guidance for students travelling to the UK from overseas throughout the 2020-21 academic year and in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.
Essential information: 
The UK government has advised that they will review the return of university students not already being taught on campus "by the end of the Easter holidays". Due to this deadline being close to the end of term and start of Examination period 2, King's has already communicated to these students that the remainder of the academic year will be taught online.
If you are unable to access resources from home then you can come to campus if you need to use a library, computer room or informal study space.

If you are currently abroad and know that you will continue to study online for the 2020-21 academic year, please consider whether you have an essential reason to travel to the UK and make sure you understand the national restrictions for travelling to England from outside the UK.


Before arriving in the UK



On arrival in the UK



If you're moving into a King's Residence



If you're moving into private accommodation



Setting up banking in the UK



Looking after your health



Visa responsibilities & support



Preparing to arrive or return to campus after self-isolation


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