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I’m about to start an undergraduate programme
Unfortunately, we’re not able to approve any programme changes at this stage, and so you should make sure you enrol onto the programme that are holding an offer for.

If you would like to explore transferring once you have started your programme, please read our article I've started my programme but now want to transfer; what can I do? for more information. 

Important to know:

  • You would need to meet the entry requirements of the new programme.
  • There is no guarantee that any change of your programme will be approved.
  • There is a short window of time where you may be able to transfer without being liable for fees for the programme you were originally offered a place for. If you transfer after this time – around week 2 of term for most programmes – you may be liable for these fees.
  • If changing programmes is something you are considering, we strongly recommend contacting Student Advice & Guidance before proceeding, to assess and discuss any visa or financial implications which may impact you.

I’m about to start a postgraduate taught programme
For postgraduate programmes we may be able to offer a bit more flexibility around transferring programmes, although you will still need to meet the entry requirements to be considered. Please check our prospectus for these entry requirements. The process around this depends on your enrolment status.

If you are an offer holder but not yet completed your enrolment
Please contact King’s Apply and the Admissions team can find out if there are still spaces on your chosen programme. September is a very busy time for all departments, especially Admissions, so we ask for your patience when awaiting a response. Admissions will look into this for you; if you meet the entry requirements, there is space and the programme tutor is happy to accept you, this should be possible.

If you have already fully enrolled onto your programme
If you’ve fully enrolled onto the programme for which you were originally offered a place but now wish to change, please get in touch with your department or faculty about the possibility of changing programmes at this stage.

Important to know: