There are various and many reasons why you might want to transfer course. You might be considering transferring to a new course within King’s or to a different institution altogether.

Transferring is a good option early in your course. If you try to transfer beyond year 1 you might find that there are serious implications for the funding available to you. There are various services at King’s able to support you in making a decision and ensuring you have thought about any funding or visa implications.


Steps to take:

  1. Check if you can move: Check with the new department/institution whether or not you are able to do a direct entry into the equivalent course level to the one that you would be leaving or if they require you to repeat some study. You'll also need to check that you are able to transfer before you approach your current department.
  2. Consider your career: We recommend that you contact Careers & Employability for support with your career ideas and to consider any impact that transferring your course may have on these.
  3. Understand what this may mean for you: We strongly believe that it is better for you to do the course that is right for you and your decision shouldn’t be guided by funding considerations. However, it is advisable that you contact the Advice & Guidance team at the earliest opportunity, so that you are aware of the impact any changes may have on your future funding. It is best to make decisions once you are aware of the full facts and implications of any action. The team can advise you on the current rules and how they may affect your future plans.

Important to know: If you are an international student on a visa you must read our information on visas and speak with an International & Visa Adviser, since moving institution will have implications on your immigration status.


Ready to transfer?
Once you’re ready and have found a course to transfer to within King’s, you should speak to your current department administrator who will initiate the online transfer form for you.

If you have decided to change to a course at a different university, this may in effect mean a withdrawal from King’s. We recommend you read the guidance in our article I'm not sure if I should leave my course or just take a break.


Once you have decided you would definitely like to transfer course, then you should read about and follow the process outlined on the relevant intranet section:

Undergraduate changes to registration

Postgraduate Taught changes to registration

Postgraduate Research changes to registration

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