To support the move to fully flexible teaching and learning, a number of teaching sessions will be run using the Microsoft Teams Meetings tool. The university has automated the creation of these meetings to make it easier for updating.

This article addresses key questions about accessing your classes using Teams.



How do I use Microsoft Teams Meetings?


Are all my sessions running through Microsoft Teams Meetings?



How will I receive these Teams Meeting invites?


How will I know which Microsoft Teams Meetings have been automatically created?



How do I login to the Microsoft Teams Meeting invite?



What happens if I decline/delete a Microsoft Teams Meeting link which has been sent to me?



How far in advance will sessions be created?



I think I have received the wrong invite, what should I do?



I am having technical issues with Microsoft Teams Meetings, what should I do?


For further guidance on using Microsoft Teams you can refer to Microsoft Teams student technical guide or to Timetable to Teams Meetings Integration: Overview and FAQs for a detailed overview.