Once the university has issued you with a CAS it is important that you check this carefully before applying for your Student Visa.  The UKVI will access your CAS information via their digital systems and use this information to decide whether to issue you with a Student Visa as well as how long to grant the visa for and what conditions to place on your Student Visa.

If there are any errors on your CAS, this could lead to your being issued an incorrect visa or even receiving a visa refusal.

This is what to look for when checking your CAS information:

  • Name – This should match your passport
  • Date of birth – This should match your passport
  • Nationality – This should match the passport you are using to make your Student Visa application
  • Passport Number - This should match the passport you are using to make your Student Visa application
  • Country of Birth - This should match the passport you are using to make your Student Visa application
  • Gender - This should match the passport you are using to make your Student visa application
  • CAS number – should contain a 14-digit combination of letters and numbers
  • CAS Status – should be “Assigned”
  • Date CAS Number Assigned – should be no earlier than 6 months before you intend to begin your studies
  • Expiry Date (Use By) – date should be in the future, you should ensure you apply for your visa before this date
  • King’s College London Sponsor Licence Number – should read “NTMHWM0V3”
  • King’s College London Formal Sponsor Address – should read "5-11 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ"
  • Main Site of Study Address – should be the campus address where you expect the majority of your study to take place (if you will study across multiple campuses, it will likely reflect main campus your department is registered to)
  • Alternative Location Code – should read “2HE432”, you can use this code at the end of your Student Visa application to confirm you wish to collect your BRP from King’s (if applicable).
  • Sponsor Telephone Number – 020 7848 2268
  • Programme Title – Should confirm the programme of study you expect to be enrolled on at King’s
  • Qualification Sought – This will vary depending on the level of programme you will study at King’s.  Your qualification is stated using the UK Government Regulated Qualifications Framework.
  • Start Date – For new students, this would usually confirm the first date of teaching for your programme of studies.
  • End Date – Check this carefully, does it reflect the full length of your programme of studies as per your programme handbook, offer letter, or information you have been provided by your department?
  • Last Date for Enrolment – This would usually be no more than 3 weeks after the official start date of your programme.  This is the date by which you must have received a valid visa, travelled to the UK and enrolled for your programme of studies
  • Full-time / Part-time – Ensure your mode of study is as you expect
  • Hours per week – If you are studying a full-time programme above degree level at King’s, your CAS will state “0.0”, this is because UKVI do not require us to confirm how many hours per week you will study.  If you are studying a part-time programme (or a programme below degree level) at King’s then your CAS will confirm the hours of study you will complete each week
  • ATAS required – Read our guidance on “Do I need ATAS clearance before I start my course at King’s” for more information on whether this box should state “yes” or “no”.  If the box states “yes” you must have obtained your ATAS clearance prior to submitting your Student Visa application
  • Qualifications – This box should accurately describe the qualifications (including English Language) you submitted to King’s in order to gain your unconditional offer.
  • Is SELT required – This box will state “no” if you are studying at degree level or above and will state “yes” if you are studying below degree level.  Where “no” is selected your CAS should confirm that “Higher Education Institution (HEI) sponsor has made assessment” of your English Language.  Where “yes” is selected your CAS will confirm the English Language SELT you used to gain your offer to King’s, including the score you received for each component of English Language Learning.  You should check this matches the certificate you hold as you will be required to submit your certificate with your Student Visa application.
  • Has the applicant previously studied in the UK? – If you have never held a Student Visa / Tier 4 visa for study in the UK before then this box will state “no”.  If you have previously studied in the UK at any time holding a Student Visa / Tier 4 visa then this section should state “yes” and also confirm the level of your previous study and whether you meet the UKVI Academic Progression requirements.  Please note if your CAS states that you are “Exempt from Academic Progression due to submitting an application for Entry Clearance” this means that you are NOT eligible to apply for your next visa inside the UK and that you MUST return to your country of nationality to apply for your next Student Visa.
  • First Year Tuition Fees – Should be your total tuition fees owed to King’s for the first year of study
  • Course fees paid to date – Should accurately represent the total fees you have paid to King’s on the date the CAS was issued. 




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Important to know: Please ensure that you do not travel to the UK unless your Student Visa has been granted and is valid.


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