This guidance is suitable for all students looking for somewhere to live in the private rented sector, at any point of the academic year.

For details about student halls, please refer to King's Residences.




What does renting in the private sector involve?



What are the best ways to find accommodation?



I'm on a tight budget, where can I find low-cost accommodation?



When should I book private accommodation?



Who should I live with?



Where should I live in London?



What should I check for when I'm house hunting?



Where can I get further advice on finding somewhere to live?



I have specific access requirements due to my health and/or Disabilities, where can I find suitable accommodation? 



Where can I look for family-friendly student accommodation?


For some extra tips from other students, check out the Money Mentors' blog with tips about living and studying in London, including this one about renting: Housing & Renting Emergencies.