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What are the best ways of finding accommodation?

If you’re looking for accommodation in the private renting sector (i.e. not a student halls of residence) a good starting point for searching is to register to use the University of London Housing Services’ database. They have registered landlords and letting agents advertising properties, and they are looking specifically for student tenants.

Properties for the next academic year are advertised on here from May onwards. Access to the database is restricted, so you will need to provide your student ID number.

We also suggest looking at the Private Housing Guide, produced by the University of London Housing Services, is also packed with really useful information about renting privately in London.

We have compiled a list of several popular online search sites where you can filter searches by price per week/month, and location – just visit Where to look.

Important to know:

  • We do not endorse any of these sites, and they are listed for informational purposes only.
  • Unfortunately, students looking for accommodation are often targeted by scams. Take a look at our article Are there any accommodation scams I should be aware of? so that you can remain vigilant during your housing search.

We also advise you to check out our online learning module Looking for Housing.


When should I book private accommodation?

The London housing market is vast and fluid, and it is common for tenants to start looking 4-6 weeks before needing to move in.  We advise that you carefully consider your housing needs for next year and when you can realistically move in, before committing yourself to a housing contract.
If you have any concerns about your options and would just like to talk through your situation please do not hesitate to call the KCL Student Advice Line and speak to one of the Housing Advisers.


Who should I live with?

Good friends don't always make the best housemates. Try to live with people who have similar budgets and attitudes to cleanliness and noise to avoid disagreements. This means having a frank and honest conversation with potential flatmates early.

If you'd like to live with other King's students there is a King’s Flatmate Finder group on Facebook that is open to current and prospective King’s students. The group is in place to provide a forum for students to find other students looking for accommodation and flatmates.
Important to know: We do not endorse any property or room. You need to exercise the same caution as you would if you found an ad on another website/group.

To join the group you will need to complete the KCL Flatmate Finder Group Joining Form and also send a request through Facebook by clicking on the link at the bottom of the form.
For a broader search, you can try the University of London Flatmate finder group.

Important to know: If you chose not to live with other students, this will affect your eligibility for Council Tax Exemption. For more detail on this, read What is Council Tax and do I have to pay it?


Where should I live in London?

To help you decide where you might want to live in London we suggest visiting Commonplace, which is a useful website with information about the different areas of London from a student perspective.

To help you find areas that are within your budget visit the London Assembly website, which compares average rents in London.


What should I check for when I'm house hunting?

This checklist is designed to help you think about which questions to ask and what to look for when viewing properties. This list is by no means exhaustive but should give you a starting point.


Before you look



Viewing inside the property



Gas, electrical, fire safety & security



Viewing the outside of the property



Management of the property & contract



Before you move in

What other support can I get to help me find somewhere to live?

Finding somewhere to live when you’re a student can be very exciting but understanding the private housing sector can be challenge, especially in London.

Our Money & Housing Advice team have put together lots of resources to help you in your search.

If you get stuck at any time, you can always get in touch with the Money & Housing Advice team through the Adviceline or online enquiry form, or you can always log a case and we’ll guide you to the information you need.


Where can I look for family-friendly student accommodation?

Unfortunately, there is no family accommodation provided by King’s, but there is alternative family friendly student accommodation available from other providers. We have listed details of these below. Alternatively, you can look for suitable private rented accommodation, as described above.



Goodenough College Family Accommodation



Nansen Village  



University of London Intercollegiate Halls



Zebra House