Generally if you are attending a full-time course you will be exempt from paying Council Tax. If you live in a house or flat where everyone is a full-time student, you don’t have to pay Council Tax.

What if I live in University Halls of Residence? 
If you are living in University Halls of Residence you will not need to pay, as they are classed as buildings ‘occupied only or mainly by students’. However, some private companies that provide ‘student-type’ accommodation (including some of the intercollegiate halls) may attract a charge. King’s Residences are exempt from Council Tax, but other student accommodation might not be so you should check with them before you sign up to anything. You might need to provide evidence of your full-time student status to your accommodation provider as well as the Local Authority/Council.


When will I be liable to pay Council Tax? 
You become liable for Council Tax from the day after your official course end date; this is the date on your student record, and appears as your "expected end date" on university documentation and your student ID card. So for example, if you are graduating from King's during the 2020/21 academic year and your expected end date is 4 June 2021, you'll become liable from 5 June 2021, unless you have been granted an extension. 

Postgraduate taught (PGT) students with an official end date of 30 September 2021, will be liable for Council Tax on 1 October 2021. 

For further information about how your course dates and student status are worked out, please also refer to:


Do I remain exempt from Council Tax in the gap between courses?
If you have completed a foundation programme, first degree or masters and plan to start a new course in next academic year, your exemption from Council Tax as a student does not continue during this gap and you will need to pay the bill.

Councils usually issue a bill for the full tax year showing the amount owing from the point you become liable until 31st March the next year. Arrange with your council to pay monthly and once you have enrolled on the new course, you can submit evidence of your student status and they will then apply your exemption again from the start of the new programme and your bill for the year will be recalculated.

You will then have a balance to pay or be issued with a refund for any over payments.
Important to know: Failure to pay Council Tax can have serious consequences.

If you experiencing financial hardship you can seek advice from your council, and from our guidance in I'm having money difficulties, where can I find support?