Mitigating circumstances are defined as “recognisably disruptive or unexpected events, beyond the student’s control, that might have a significant and adverse impact on their academic performance.” If you believe your ability to complete an assessment of any type might be, or has been, adversely affected by mitigating circumstances, you should complete and submit a Mitigating Circumstances Form (MCF).

What is the Mitigating Circumstances Form? 
The Mitigating Circumstances Form is a request to be granted an authorised absence from an assessment, or to request for an extension to a submission deadline, under the mitigating circumstances procedure.


How do I fill in the Mitigating Circumstances Form? 
You can find guidance on completing the form, and more information on the type of evidence you'll need to submit when submitting mitigating circumstances, on our Mitigating Circumstances webpagesThe university's T43 Academic Regulation, which relates to mitigating circumstances, is also available to view online.

Important to know: 
If your academic performance has been impacted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and you'll like to apply for mitigating circumstances, please take a look at our coronavirus page for Assessments webpages, before submitting an application.

Guidance for Students from the Department of Informatics only 
The university is currently working to improve efficiency around mitigating circumstances submissions, and has collaborated with the Department of Informatics to produce a new form, which you can view once you've logged into Student Records.
 If you are an Informatics student, please visit Student Records to submit a mitigating circumstances request. You should also take a look at our Student guide for submitting a mitigating circumstance before submitting your request. 
Please also refer to the advice above, regarding submitting mitigating circumstances that are related to COVID-19.

Important to know:  King's College London Students’ Union (KCLSU) Advice Team can assist you with applying for mitigating circumstances, and can help you to fully understand the application process.


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