Coming to university is a time of change no matter what your circumstances. This is particularly true of students who are also parents or carers. This article is to help you plan your childcare and think through what you need to organise.

Every parent’s situation is different – and of course every student is different. Some will have timetables that change on a regular basis, some will have course-related placements and others will have a fairly static schedule. We have put together this information on the different types of childcare that are available, particularly if you are not familiar with childcare in the UK, as well as the questions you will need to ask yourself about how the arrangements may or may not fit in around your studies.

In this article:




What is a childminder?



How much will it cost?



How do I choose a childminder?


Day care provision


What is day care provision?



How much will it cost?



How do I choose day care provision?


Nursery schools


What is nursery school?



How much will it cost?



How do I choose a nursery?


Before and after-school care

Although your child may be old enough to be in school it is likely that you may still need some additional childcare for times when your academic timetable will not run parallel to that of your child’s.





Breakfast and after-school clubs



Holiday schemes


Funding childcare


How will I pay for my childcare?



Where can I get help and advice on funding my childcare?


Balancing childcare & course attendance


Is there any childcare provision on campus?



Can I bring my child to university?



My childcare plans have fallen through - what do I do?



What should I do if my child becomes suddenly ill and I have tutorials that day? Will it affect my attendance for modules?



What do I do if my child falls sick during exam week?


Studying on a visa with dependents


Can I bring my dependent children to the UK?


Further resources for childcare support

If you require further information, advice or guidance you may find this information helpful:



Further external resources & support


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