There are some courses for which the standard digital transcript available on your Gradintel account may not be quite enough. Perhaps you studied on a short course, did a free-standing module, a vocational course, one resulting in a professional qualification or included placements or clinical hours. If you studied on a course like this, it’s likely you’ll need a specialised transcript that shows more detail about what you studied and your qualifications.

If your course features in this list, there is a specialised transcript tailored for your course that you can order:


Important to know: There are some courses for which we are unable to produce transcripts. To find out more about this and to check if this affects you, please see our article Are there any courses for which transcripts are not available?


Nursing transcripts

Nursing Free Standing modules 
The digital transcript document is not available for Nursing Free Standing modules, but if you require an official record of these modules you can access the Record of Agreed Results (ROAR) at any time from your Gradintel account

Nursing degrees
For some Nursing programmes, in exceptional cases, you may be required to submit a Specialised Transcript.

The definition of a Specialised Transcript is one that necessitates the inclusion of your module details and your placement hours, and is a mandatory requirement to support an application for employment or other further educational studies.

We should be able to provide this information for those who graduated since 2012.

Important to know: It can take up to 30 days to provide the specialised transcript. 

If you require a Specialised Transcript, this will be evidenced in documentation received from your prospective employer or institution. If you're confident that's what you need, please complete the application form and forward the necessary information as a PDF as described in the form: Specialised Nursing Transcript Request form

If you don't require a Specialised Transcript, please refer to the guidance in the article I need a transcript.

Summer School transcripts
If you attended a King's Summer School course and wish to order a transcript, please contact the Summer School directly through their
online enquiry form.


PGCE transcripts
If you have completed a PGCE (teacher training), you may find you need a document with specific detail pertaining to your qualification. The PGCE department can provide you with a tailored transcript, which includes:

  • Teacher reference number
  • Course dates
  • Breakdown of your marks
  • Confirmation of your 2 placements

Important to know: While we continue to work remotely, this transcript is only possible in a digital PDF format.

To request this or if you have any queries please contact the PGCE Office directly.


Bachelor of Pharmacy transcripts (BPharm)
Degree transcripts for Bachelor of Pharmacy will take longer than the current estimated production time.

BPharm transcripts take at least 30 working days to be processed. You can order this through the King’s E-store.


MBBS & Dental graduates
Since transcripts for Medicine and Dentistry require greater detail, please log a case and we will support you. Please allow plenty of time when logging your request, since these specialist transcript requests will need to produced manually.


BSc Physiotherapy transcripts
You can obtain a standard transcript with module marks and your degree award following the same process as for students on other courses, as described in our article I need a transcript. The document is available on the Gradintel platform, alongside your HEAR, if you graduated since 2012. If you graduated before 2012, please refer to our article I’m King’s alumni and I need to prove my degree.

If you need more detail about your course, including module descriptions and details of your placements for professional accreditation this called a Physiotherapy Module Syllabus.
The detailed Module Syllabus is often needed for the purpose of applying for employment, education or professional accreditation in the UK or abroad, in some cases specific forms are required.


The Syllabus request will include the following:

  • A covering letter signed by the course lead
  • A letter detailing the academic profile of the student, signed by the Programme Officer
  • A letter outlining the Clinical Placement hours and specialities, signed by the Programme Officer
  • Copies of the Programme/Module Handbooks for each module the student took, from the year that the student took them
  • Copies of the Placement Assessment Forms from each of the student’s placements

Important to know: If you need specific forms other than what is listed, please contact with the Physiotherapy team directly by email prior to purchasing the Syllabus request.

Cost & format
Price: £100
Any additional copies requested will incur an additional cost. For more details please visit the e-store.

As services across the university continue to work remotely, hard copy documents are not possible at this time, and all documents are provided electronically only.
Important to know: Please allow 20 working days from the date of your request to receive your Module Syllabus.


To order: To place an order go to the King’s e-store and select Physiotherapy Module Syllabus Request
If you at all unsure or have any queries about your request, please contact the Physiotherapy Programme Officers directly by email.