There are some courses for which the standard digital transcript available on your Gradintel account may not be quite enough. Perhaps you studied on a short course, did a free-standing module, a vocational course, one resulting in a professional qualification or included placements or clinical hours. If you studied on a course like this, it’s likely you’ll need a specialised transcript that shows more detail about what you studied and your qualifications.

If your course features in the listed boxes below, there is a specialised transcript tailored for your course that you can order.

Important to know: There are some courses for which we are unable to produce transcripts. To find out more about this and to check if this affects you, please see Courses for which transcripts are not available.



Nursing transcripts



Summer School transcripts



Bachelor of Pharmacy transcripts (BPharm)



MBBS & Dental graduates



BSc Physiotherapy transcripts