As a current student at King’s, you'll have the ability to log into ‘My Services’ using your King’s email address and password.

Once logged in to ‘My Services’ you can:

  • Get in touch with our friendly team by logging a case with us
  • Self serve, by downloading a range of documents suitable for your needs at a time that suits you
  • Request a document or letter
  • View all existing & closed enquiries
  • Re-activate a case 

Important to know:  If you’re an incoming student and yet to receive your King's IT credentials, please visit our article When will I receive the online enrolment email?

Self Service  
Throughout your studies, you'll be able to download documents to: 

Important to know: Before requesting a document from us, take a look at the range of documents you’ll be able access yourself. Find out more in our article What documents can I access myself?

Requesting a document or letter  
If our self service options above do not fulfil your request, you can get in touch with us to request a document or letter. W
e will need to liaise with one or more of our specialist teams across the University when fulfilling complex or personalised document requests, which may take us a little longer to produce. 

Important to know: To help us to fulfil your request, please provide as much information about what you need the document for, and who you are intending to give this document to. (for example, the bank or an embassy)

Viewing your existing and closed cases
Once you’ve logged into ‘My services’ you’ll be able to view both your existing and closed cases, under ‘My Enquiries’.

Under ‘My Enquires’: 
• You’ll be able to view the title and case reference number of all your existing and closed cases
• You’ll be able to view the status of an existing case, under ‘status reason
• You’ll also have the option to search for an existing case, using the search bar and magnifying glass
• You’ll have the option to re-activate a case

How do I re-activate a case?
If you’d like further support from our team, you’ll have the option to re-activate a closed case. 

To re-activate a case:
• Go to ‘My Enquires
• Select ‘My closed cases
• Select the case you wish to re-open
• Select ‘Re-open my case

I’m having issues logging into ‘My Services’ 
If you’re have difficulties logging in to ‘My services’ with your King’s Credentials, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.