Realising that you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol is an important first step in the recovery process.

King’s College London’s policy on drugs
The central aim of the university’s policy on controlled drugs is to balance respect for the privacy and freedom of individual students, with the imperatives of compliance with the law and maintenance of a safe, productive and legal environment in the best interests of all students.

An important feature of our policy is the offer of assistance to students who may need advice or counselling about drugs, or about any issues arising from the use of drugs. We wish to support students who have a drug dependency to seek help, and to be supported in doing so. For more detail and the university’s full policy, please refer to Drugs: A Policy Statement.

Counselling & Mental Health Support
Although the Counselling & Mental Health Support Service is not able to offer a treatment programme to students with drugs or alcohol issues, we are here to talk about the problem and also to help you connect with specialist drug and alcohol services.

Important to know: The Counselling & Mental Health Support Service is private and confidential.



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