The Advice and Guidance Team Money & Housing Advisers are open available Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00 throughout the year excluding bank holidays and official university closure days.

Important to know: Please refer to Accessing Student Support & Wellbeing remotely for details on how to contact the team this semester.

However, if you need help outside standard opening hours and when university services closed, there are a range of public services and alternative advice agencies you can use. Please bear in mind that the following services may operate a reduced service, due to the pandemic or over bank holidays.

For support and advice on money, benefits or debt, your local Citizen's Advice Bureau and other local agencies (check with your local authority) can provide advice and support. Citizens Advice Bureau also have a dedicated consumer helpline for a range of consumer queries.

You may also find these national services invaluable:

Be wary of profit making debt advisory services and debt consolidation companies, we would advise you seek assistance from one of these agencies in the first instance: