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In-person exams in 2022 
Many exams in 2021/2022 will continue to take place online/in alternative formats, However, there will be a number of examinations held in person.
When your timetable for Period 2 and 3 is released, you may find some include in-person exams. We are currently confirming venues and will provide location information on where these in-person exams will take place.
There may be some exceptions where assessments cannot be held remotely. Your department/faculty will confirm this with you in the first instance. 

How can I access my seating number for my exam? 


The university has 3 examination periods across the academic year. For 2021-22 these are: 
Period 1: Monday 10 January - Friday 14 January 2022
Period 2: Tuesday 3 May - Wednesday 1 June 2022 | View the timetable for Exam Period 2 here
Period 3:  Monday 8 August - Friday 19 August 2022
Please note,  not all students will have exams or assessments during Exam Period 3  your faculty or department will communicate this to you in advance. 
Important to know:


How can I prepare to take an assessment at King's?

We’ve included a list of articles that you may find useful as you prepare to take assessments:

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If you have Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)