The timetable for Period 3 has now been published. You can access the timetable here
During Period 1, 2, and 3, assessments will be held remotely where possible. In most cases, exams will be conducted in alternative formats to allow you to complete them remotely. This may include replacing unseen, timed exams with open-book exams, or alternative forms of coursework.
Take a look at our article How can I prepare for online assessments at King’s? for further guidance. 
 There may be some exceptions where assessments cannot be held remotely, for example, if you are on a professional programme. Your faculty or department will confirm this with you.
The university has 3 examination periods across the academic year. For 2020-21 these are: 
Period 1: Friday 8 January - Friday 15 January 2021 
Period 2: Tuesday 4 May -  Friday 4 June 2021 
Period 3: Monday 9 August - Friday 20 August 2021 
Important to know: