The university has 3 examination periods across the academic year. For 2022-23 these are: 
Period 1: Monday 9  January - Friday 13 January 2023
Period 2: Tuesday 2 May - Wednesday 2 June 2023 
Period 3: Monday 7 August - Friday 18 August 2023
Please note, that not all students will have exams or assessments during Exam Period 3  your faculty or department will communicate this to you in advance. 
Important to know:


How can I prepare to take an assessment at King's?

We’ve included a list of articles that you may find useful as you prepare to take assessments:

Preparing to take assessments at Kings

Exam timetable support


If you have Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA) 

I have Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA) where will my exam be held? 

If you have an approved Personalised Assessment Arrangement (PAA) in place, your exam will be held in the Franklin Wilkins Building (FWB) on the Waterloo Campus. Your personal timetable will also include the room (within FWB) and allocated seat number.


My room/seat number is not displayed on my timetable

If your room/seat is not displaying on your timetable, contact the Exams office for further assistance.