If you believe your ability to complete an assessment of any type might be, or has been, adversely affected by mitigating circumstances, you should complete and submit a mitigating circumstances request. This is a request to be granted an  authorised absence from an assessment, or to request for an extension to a submission deadline. 
Important to know: To understand the deadlines for mitigating circumstances applications, please read the separate article Application deadlines for mitigating circumstances.

Coronavirus-related mitigating circumstances



I’m unsure if my situation counts as mitigating circumstances  



How do I submit a mitigating circumstances request? 



Common questions about the application process 


Important to know: Progression requirements (Academic Regulations T6) are still applicable and must still be met. Please be aware of the progression requirements if you are applying to defer assessment(s) to the following academic year and seek advice from your department/ KCLSU if you are unsure if your progression will be affected.