If you believe your ability to complete an assessment of any type might be, or has been, adversely affected by mitigating circumstances, you should complete and submit a mitigating circumstances request. This is a request to be granted an authorised absence from an assessment, or to request for an extension to a submission deadline. 
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To understand the deadlines for mitigating circumstances applications, please read the separate article Application deadlines for mitigating circumstances.
Coronavirus-related mitigating circumstances
If you wish to request an extension or deferral for assessments due to reasons related to COVID-19, then you can apply for mitigating circumstances using the normal online process but you will not need to provide additional evidence. There is space in the online form to provide more detail on your specific circumstances so that we can arrange the most appropriate support for you. Potential reasons might include:
  • you are unwell and do not expect to be well enough to take your assessment or assessments

  • you are looking after family members who are ill from COVID-19 

  • you have childcare responsibilities due to COVID-19 

  • you do not have access to a quiet environment to complete your assessments 

  • your firewall prevents access to the King’s online system 

  • you do not have access to a computer/laptop/tablet to complete your assessments remotely 

  • you feel you are unprepared or unable to take your assessments due to COVID-19 

This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other reasons relating to COVID-19 that have impacted your assessments; again you can provide more detail in your application.

If you choose to defer some or all of your assessments, please be aware that you are still required to meet the progression requirements to advance to the next stage of your degree.


I’m unsure if my situation counts as mitigating circumstances  
If you’re unsure whether you’re capable of taking an assessment and/or think that you might have mitigating circumstances, you are strongly encouraged to speak to someone who can help you assess the impact your circumstances are having on you. For example, you could speak to your doctor, a counsellor, a disability advisor, an advisor in the Students’ Union or your personal tutor.
How do I submit a mitigating circumstances request? 
We have provided some basic instructions below, but you might also find the Student Guide for Submitting a Mitigating Circumstances request via Student Records PDF useful. 
  1. Log on to Student Records
  1. Select ‘Student Home Page’ within the banner at the top of the homepage. 
  1. Select ‘My Mitigating Circumstances’ within the ‘My Modules’ area, (as shown in the screenshot below)
  2. On the Mitigating Circumstances homepage, you will find links to user guides, videos and other Student Services Online articles. Before submitting a new request, particularly if it is your first request, please read this guidance and familiarise yourself with the Mitigating Circumstances Policy
  3. To begin completing a request, select ‘New Request’ within the ‘Submit a new Mitigating Circumstances request’ area.
A screenshot showing the mitigating circumstances option on Student Records
Common questions about the application process 
Can I submit a single Mitigating Circumstances request for multiple assessments? 
Yes, you can link multiple assessments as part of a single request. This can be done on the ‘Select Assessments’ page (while submitting a new request), where it will list all of your current modules and assessments. 
Please be careful when selecting your affected assessments because you can’t add or remove assessments once your request is submitted. If you require mitigation for additional assessments post-submission, you’ll need to raise a new request for the affected assessment(s). 
Can I edit the details of my request after submission? 
Unfortunately you can’t edit the ‘Nature of your Circumstances’ field or add/remove assessments once you have submitted your request. You can, however, upload evidence post-submission while your request is at the Pre-panel Administration stage.  If your circumstances change and/or you need to update the details of your request post-submission, please contact your relevant academic department directly.
Can I withdraw a mitigating circumstances request? 
No, unfortunately you can’t withdraw your request once submitted. If your circumstances change and/or the request is no longer valid, please contact your relevant academic department directly and you can discuss whether withdrawing your submission is an appropriate step for you.
What if I've not heard the outcome of my request and my deadline/exam is coming up?
You shouldn't attempt an assessment if you have already submitted a mitigating circumstance request. If you've applied for mitigating circumstances but then wish to attempt an assessment, then please discuss this with your department.
What if I need further details or would like to speak with someone directly about my request? 
You can contact the academic department handling your request by email or phone. Departmental contact details will be in your faculty/department handbook(s). 
Important to know:  
  • The Students’ Union have an advice team, KCLSU Advice, who provide free, impartial and confidential advice and support to students. They can help you by explaining how the mitigating circumstances works, providing advice on how to complete requests, and giving you the time to talk about your personal circumstances.
  • Progression requirements (Academic Regulations T6) are still applicable and must still be met. Please be aware of the progression requirements if you are applying to defer assessment(s) to the following academic year and seek advice from your department/KCLSU if you are unsure if your progression will be affected.