This article explains some of the events and issues that would not normally be considered mitigating circumstances, and the reasons why. Where possible, we’ve tried to recommend other useful guidance that might help you to avoid these circumstances.

Transport issues
It is your responsibility to arrive at the assessment on time, irrespective of the form of transport used or relied upon. Exceptions to this might be industrial action or other significant disruption that is beyond your control; you would need to provide evidence of this disruption. Our article I’m coming to campus, what do I need? provides useful guidance on how to plan your journey in advance.   

All holidays and vacations should take place at a time that will not impact on your availability to study or undertake or prepare for an assessment(s). Dates for each academic year, including the exam periods, are published on the Academic Calendar webpage.

Misreading the examination timetable
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an accurate understanding of the location, time and duration of all formal assessments. Take a look at our article Support when registering for your exams & accessing your exam timetable.

Paid employment or voluntary work
It is your responsibility to manage other commitments so that they do not adversely interfere with your studies. If you are experiencing acute personal difficulties which have led to you needing to undertake unexpected levels of paid work, then these might meet the definition of mitigating circumstances. Please refer to our articles:

IT and/or computer failure
It is your responsibility to ensure that all work that is stored, generated and/or submitted electronically is sufficiently backed up and the correct piece of work is submitted.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in the 2020-21 academic year the majority of assessments will be online. As a result of this reliance on technology, certain circumstances might be considered; you can learn more in our article about evidence and the specific section computer systems and/or network issues.

To support your studies online, you might find some of these articles helpful:

Foreseeable/preventable circumstances
Where the circumstances are within your control. Your academic department(s) will let you know of forthcoming deadlines in advance, and you can make sure you know when the main assessment periods are through our article Exam timetables 2020-21.

Scheduling of assessments/deadline
Deadlines or exams being close together. To support your time management and planning during exam periods, take a look at the Revision and Exams section of King's Academic Skills for Learning (KASL) on KEATS. If you have an exam clash, please read our article Support when registering for your exams & accessing your exam timetable.

Important to know: The Students’ Union have an advice team, KCLSU Advice, who provide free, impartial and confidential advice and support to students. They can help you by explaining how the mitigating circumstances works, providing advice on how to complete requests, and giving you the time to talk about your personal circumstances.